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Content syndication is the practice to syndicate your content on sites with higher domain authority (DA) than yours. In simple words, you post content on bigger websites where the chances of getting your content rank on the SERPs increase. This is something like guest posting but in a different way.

Build backlinks for your site, youtube video, social media posts

 1000 Backlinks Website URL
  • Website Title
  • domain or url
 1000 Backlinks Twitch Video
  • Twitch Stream Title
  • Twitch Stream ID
 1000 Backlinks Twitter Tweet
  • Tweet Title
  • Twitter Username
  • Tweet ID
 1000 Backlinks YouTube Channel
  • Youtube Channel Name
  • Youtube Channel ID
 1000 Backlinks TikTok Video
  • TikTok Video Title
  • TikTok Username
  • TikTok Video ID
 1000 Backlinks Spotify Single Audio Track
  • Spotify Song Title - Album Name - Artist Name
  • Spotify Audio ID
 1000 Backlinks Tumblr Posts
  • Tumblr Post Title
  • Tumblr Embed API Key
  •  Tumblr Post ID
 1000 Backlinks Facebook Photo, Video and Posts
  •  Facebook Post title
  • Facebook Post ID
 1000 Backlinks Reddit Posts
  • Reddit Post Title
  • Subreddit Name (Only One)
  • Reddit Post ID
 1000 Backlinks Pinterest Pin
  • Pinterest Pin Title
  • Pinterest Pin ID
 1000 Backlinks NiMO Live Game Stream
  • NiMo TV Stream Title
  • NiMo Stream Generic ID (Numbers only)
 1000 Backlinks MixCloud Audio
  • MixCloud Stream Title - Profile Display Name
  • MixCloud Embed Iframe SRC URL
 1000 Backlinks Linkedin Post
  • Linkedin Post Title : Profile Name
  • LinkedIn Embed ID (Numbers Only)
 1000 Backlinks Likee Video
  • Likee Video Title
  • Likee Username
  • Likee Video ID
 1000 Backlinks Itunes Music Video
  • Itunes Music Video Title - Singer
  • Itunes Music Video ID (Numbers Only)
 1000 Backlinks Instagram Photo & Video
  • Instagram Post Title
  • Instagram Post ID
 1000 Backlinks Imgur Photo & Video
  • Imgur Post Title
  • Imgur Gallery ID
 1000 Backlinks Itunes Podcast
  • Itunes Podcast Title - Author
  • Itunes Podcast ID
 1000 Backlinks iTunes eBook
  • Itunes ebook/Audio-Book Name-Author
  • Itunes ebook/Audio-Book ID (Numbers Only)
 1000 Backlinks Itunes Audio Album
  • Itunes Audio Album Title - Singer
  • Itunes Audio Album ID (Numbers Only)
 1000 Backlinks Itunes App
  • Itunes App Title- Author
  • Itunes App ID (Numbers Only)
 1000 Backlinks Google PIay Store App
  • Google Play App Name- Publisher Name
  • Google Play App Logo URL
  • Google Play App ID
 1000 Backlinks Local Business & Google Map
  • Local Business Name, City, Country
  • GMap Iframe URL
 1000 Backlinks Giphy GIF Animation
  • Giply Animation Title
  • Giply Animation ID
 1000 Backlinks Flickr Photo & Video
  • Flickr Photo Title or Keyword
  • Flickr iframe SRC
  • Flickr Image SRC
 1000 Backlinks DailyMotion Video
  • Dailymotion Video Title
  •  Dailymotion Video ID
 1000 Backlinks SoundCloud MP3 Audio
  • SoundCloud Audio Track Title
  • SoundCloud Audio Track ID
 1000 Backlinks Affiliate Product URL
  • URL/Content title or main keyword
  • Your URL
 1000 Backlinks YouTube Video
  • Youtube video Title or Keyword
  • Youtube video ID
 1000 Backlinks Vimeo Video
  • Vimeo Video Title
  • Vimeo Video ID


Please select the service and provide he requirement of this service with your payment

 Features & Requirement:

  • This service is for 1000+ Backlinks
  • Full excel report within 1-2 business days via email
  • Provide the requirements with your payment
  • Search google for any question regarding the requirements



  • Short links or redirected utm links are not accepted
  • Illegal websites are not accepted
  • we have the full right to refuse any order and issue a refund without any notice.
  • no cancellation after placing your order
  • tech support during business hours only

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1000 DoFollow Content Embed Syndication Backlinks- Google 1st Page

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