• Targeted Marketing - Organic ranking Traffic Leads Conversion for New Sites

 Drive Targeted Keywords & countries Visitors to your website


  • Targeted Url
  • Targeted Search engine
  • Targeted keywords
  • Targeted Countries
  • Targeted Category
  • Targeted Niche
  • Targeted Social media
  • Targeted Countries
  • Targeted Mobile
  • Targeted device
  • Targeted keywords
  • Targeted Countries

  • How many Targeted keywords can I use?
    up to 3 keywords per order,
    and highly recommended to have your own unique keywords
  • How many targeted countries I can use?
    up to 10 targeted countries (80%) + International (20%)
  • Is there any difference in service if I order domain only or domain + url?
    There is no difference at all. If your website is only a homepage
    But not accepted for search engines if your site has multiple pages.
  • How can I order more than 1 or 10 url?
    just double or triple your order, and contact us to refill the quantities if out of stock.
  • What I have to do with the backlinks you created for my site?
    We usually create backlinks manually or using a software, then we ping them all.
    its your turn also to open the links in browser and ping them again and again
    This will help google to crawl links fast and index them fast.
  • My website/Sore not new - Can I order this service?
    This service is for new website or old website without ranking.
    Click here to check your rank - if No Data , so you are at the right place
  • Is this service will put my website on google first page?
    Please be logic. If you never exist on google search engines before,
    do you think with 1 seo service you will reach the top.
  •  Is this service will improve my selling?
    If you are doing 10 transaction daily, so you should expect better very soon.
    but If you never sell before, so its to early to talk about sales.
  •  How can reach the top of the top and be the same like google?
    Have a domain name with 20+ years old - drive traffic to be Alexa rank 1
    Add pages with high quality content to reach DA 100 - get trillions of backlinks
  • Conclusion - I need to sell !!
    Sell is like death it comes anytime and anywhere. only God or a magician can help you to sell.
    Ebay, Amazon facebook and Google didn't start making money before 5 years, and at the beginning some of them offered $5 and $10 to signup.
    There is nothing free, NO MONEY NO HONEY, the more you spent from time and money, the more you get in the future.
  • How can I reach my targets with the less expenses?
    May be you cannot do everything by yourself, but there is 2 things that you can do it to save a lot of time and money.
    create backlinks by signing up anywhere that you can add your website link, and to keep your 5 stars reviews everywhere.
  • Can you help with some advices to improve our ranking situation?
    We are preparing a To Do List for our customers, and you will receive it with your delivery.

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Targeted Marketing - Organic ranking Traffic Leads Conversion for New Sites

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